ULTIMAKER: a Quick Leap from Design to Realization

We feel that the 3-D printing technology offers exciting opportunities to Architects, Artists and Product Designers. It enables for an instant verification of the digitally-generated spatial constructs – by producing real-life, tangible objects at short notice.

Thanks to the courtesy of Konrad Klepacki from designfutures.pl, it was possible for us to explore the possibilities offered by the ULTIMAKER 3-D Printer, using the FDM printing technology.

We printed ‘the Pixel-Landscape’: a 3-D model generated digitally during the INFO-SOLID Transvizualia 2012 Workshop (for more information, please see this post). The form was printed with the PLA white plastic, on fast speed, in just one-and-a-half hours.

This 3-D print was essential for us as designers, because it enabled us to physically test the architectural qualities of our 3-D formation – its potential for transcending light and its qualities of self-shadowing. This allows us to propose valid solutions in for the full-scale ‘Pixel-Landscape’ Wall Unit, which will be used in interiors for decorational purposes.

Here are some snapshots of the printing process and the final result.


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