Invitation to Architectural Installation Exhibition: Voronoi Cupola Pavilion

You are all welcome to an Exhibition resulting from a series of 4 Research Workshops: Parametric Architecture, 3rd Edition, which I co-led with my friends. The exhibition takes place in the main hall of the Nanotechnology Center at Gdansk University of Technology, Poland.

In the exhibition you can see an architectural installation: a full-scale Voronoi Cupola Pavilion, together with its mockup model and exhibition panels presenting some snapshots from its realization process. More information on the design, fabrication and building of the Pavilion coming in the next post.

To see the Facebook event related to the exhibition, see this link (in Polish).

To see an article (in Polish) about the Exhibition on the official website of Gdansk University of Technology, see this link.

The photo in the Exhibition Invitation Poster below gives a sneak preview of one of the Voronoi Cupola Pavilion’s perforated panels, cut out with a CNC mill, following the path of the Voronoi cell distribution.

The Pavilion will also be presented at the biggest summertime design event in Poland: Gdynia Design Days 2014. More info can be found here.

Parametric Pavilion Exhibition


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