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MORFOTACTIC ® LAB  is a design laboratory focused on developing miscellaneous tactics for digitally-aided design. These tactics are meant to enable a creative and efficient use of advanced digital tools and technologies in the design disciplines. The MORFOTACTIC ® LAB BLOG is an information-exchange platform, presenting the results emerging from the experimental application of these tactics and technologies in creative design. The investigated technologies embrace: programming and scripting, parametric modeling, generative and algorithmic design, building information modeling, computer-aided manufacturing, rapid prototyping, CNC technology, robotic fabrication, responsive environments, ubiquitous computing, and many other computer-driven tools.


With the growing individuality and complexity of solutions, increased economic and ecological demands and rapid technological advancements, the creative practices, such as art, design and architecture, are now facing new challenges. The contemporary designer must not only conceive a brilliant concept, but also provide optimized, eco-friendly and low-cost design solutions. This means that new design strategies must be developed, to aid an effective application of the advanced technologies in the everyday practice of design. To develop such strategies is the profound mission of MORFOTACTIC ® LAB. Our aim is to propose new design methods which maximize design creativity, increase the quality of the solutions, speed up the design process and lower the project execution costs.


MORFOTACTIC ® LAB was founded by Malgorzata A. Zboinska. Malgorzata’s activity in MORFOTACTIC ® LAB embraces research-by-design experiments involving today’s innovative digital technologies. Her particular interests encompass computer-aided architectural design, with a special focus on programming, computation, parametric modeling, performance-oriented design, digital fabrication and interactive/responsive architectural environments.

Currently Malgorzata is a researcher at the Department of Architecture at Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden (for more info, please click here), exploring the field of digital design methodology. Within the academic environment, she was also a lecturer, trainer, tutor and critic in CAD, CAE, parametric modeling, rapid prototyping and digital fabrication at the Faculty of Architecture of Gdansk University of Technology in Poland and at the Department of Architecture at Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden.

Malgorzata studied Architecture at Gdansk University of Technology (Poland) and at Delft University of Technology (the Netherlands). She holds a PhD degree within architectural parametric modeling & optimisation techniques, obtained with honors from Gdansk University of Technology.

Malgorzata is also a licensed architect – a member of the National Chamber of Polish Architects and the Swedish Association of Architects. In 2006 she launched an architectural office APPMZ ARCHITEKCI (http://appmz.wordpress.com). Within that enterprise, she realizes architectural designs, and collaborates with architectural firms as the head designer in residential, industrial and public building projects.


MORFOTACTIC ® LAB often teams up with designers, artists and architects to explore and create design artifacts with the aid of the digital techniques. This has resulted in a number of workshops and exhibitions, out of which many are presented on the MORFOTACTIC ® LAB BLOG.

The most recent collaborators of MORFOTACTIC ® LAB are designers  Robert Juchnevic, Kacper Radziszewski and Jan Cudzik.




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