INFO-SOLID – creating Data Landscapes

MORFOTACTIC ® participated in an “INFO-BRYLA” (“INFO-SOLID”) workshop, which was a part of a bigger event in Gdynia, Poland – Transvizualia 2012. Transvizualia is an International Festival of Music + Multimedia Forms. The INFO-SOLID workshop was organized by the panGenerator Group – great thanks to them for the support & patience during the workshop !

In the course of the workshop, the task was to generate a spatial form based on some specific data. Our parameters were the average temperature values in 6 cities in India, in January, over the last 20 years. We used the Processing programming environment in order to develop our spatial structure. The necessary data was extracted from the DataMarket platform, loaded to Processing, and translated into a cluster of cuboids, with heights depending on the data values.



ARDUINO: a Micro-controller with a Mega-potential

MORFOTACTIC ® took part in a Media Lab Gdansk (Poland) workshop on constructing electronic devices. Those devices can be controlled by Arduino – an Open-Source hardware, in the form of a programmable board. This technology can be potentially utilized for multidisciplinary purposes, fusing electronics with artistic/architectural design. For example, we can use Arduino to program the behavior of Interactive Installations, equipped with sensors picking up stimuli from the environment, and actuators responding to those physically.

During the workshop at Media Lab Gdansk we tested the capabilities of Arduino to process digital and analogue signals and transform them into hardware responses (LEDs blinking, speakers jingling and stepper motors rotating), and learned to program the boards with the use of a Processing language-based IDE.

The following photos were taken by Margaret of MORFOTACTIC ®, during the MediaLab Workshop.