REPRAP: an Open-Source FDM 3-D Printer

MORFOTACTIC ® was very fortunate to take part in Media Lab Gdansk (Poland) Workshop focused on building open-source 3-D printers – the Reprap Prusa type.  During the workshop we assembled, programmed and put into operation two 3-D printers which use the FDM manufacturing technology (Fused Deposition Modeling). This technology is an additive Rapid Prototyping technology, based on extruding thin layers of heated plastic to form 3-D objects. After getting the printers going, we launched 3-D prints of our first test-objects.

Rapid Prototyping aids designers in testing the spatial solutions for 3-D objects. It allows for an instant transformation of digital models into physical objects. The Reprap Open-Source printer can be built by practically anyone – the mechanical and electronic parts are available online. There also is a free internet manual for constructing and operating this printer.

The following photos were taken by Margaret of MORFOTACTIC ®, during the Media Lab Workshop.